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By reaperman
Here are a few sample pictures from the Proof gen 2, 01. I added a night photo to show illumination. The area has quite a bit of vegetation for the IR's to bounce off and wash out a bit up close. So far both of these cameras seem to be working well. I'm glad I decided to grab the second camera while it was still on sale at Dicks ($49).

01090114.JPG (2.14 MiB) Viewed 2006 times
01070044.JPG (1.9 MiB) Viewed 2006 times
01090170.JPG (854 KiB) Viewed 2006 times
By 70chevelle
Just ordered another (had to pay $55 instead of $50 :() but really like the pics, day and night. Hoping that the cams will last a good while.
By picdic
I get depressed every time I see what you guys are paying for cams. that cam up here is $200, and the camo version was $299 this past summer when I was looking at it. last time I checked our money wasn't pesos, but it seems like that may have changed.

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