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By Walterkilo
#198626 There is a firmware update available for IR5 and IR6 on the Spypoint site.
Dated March 1 2012, this firmware is said for

•Improved daytime picture and video quality.
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By wolvenkinde
#198631 Thankyou for that headsup...did you notice if the update for delay is there yet?
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By Walterkilo
#198716 Hi wolvenkinde,

I've mostly been going on Spypoint's site to check for new camera arrival and
for mt X-plus update... Nothing yet.

If I was Spypoint, I would profit of this very calm period to inform the camera
passionate that we are. Then we would be informed and could spread the news...

I don't care that the cams are not yet available. At least I could start my buying

And yes, new Bushnell's do look good !