I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By bowhtr1
Just bush hogged my whitetail clover plot.
Didnt mess with my jointvetch plot yet. They are tearing it up.
Sprayed roundup on my two small plots a week ago. Will plant the two small plots Tuesday with a Biologic Seed blend.
The vetch plot will be planted next weekend with Mega plot from walmart. Great stuff.
Will put lime and triple 17 fertilizer in all my plots eccept the clover plot gets 6-24-24. (Could not find 0-20-20)
Best price for pelitized lime is Tractor Supply. 3.99 a bag. Feed store is 8.00.
Getting 20 bags of lime, 8 bags of triple 17, 6 bags of 6-24-24.
That is all for this year.
Have soybeans in my feeders for the summer and will swap to corn when the bucks shed velvet next month.

Whats everyone else doing?
By Sodbuster
Austrian winter peas, crimson clover, winter wheat, bob oats, and rape. Perennial plots will be wheat/ladino/alsike/red clover.
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By hazelvillebucks
everything but the kitchen sink, but for now i am waitin for a change in the weather.on july 28 planted soybean,oats grain rye, wheat ,blue top turnips , red and ladino clover,radishes and got 1.25 inches of rain. a couple days later planted somemore that came up some from moisture in the ground and spinkles of less than 1/10 inch of rain, winter peas were added to this mix and most of the big seed and cerial grains have not even germinated. last week we were classified as havin moderate drought, i will plant some more when the pattern changes in the meantime i just say my prayers that the turnips are strong enough to withstand this screw ball from ma. nature. if it ain,t one thing its another.
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By bowhtr1
Thats why I plant the first week of September. I will get a few rain storms before October when we get no rain. The plants will be big enough to survive. :D
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By Passingthrough
Like Haze, watching for rain clouds :roll:
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By bowhtr1
With that large variation on the lime price, I woudl check to make sure the CCE is shte same.

Exact same bag, same weight, same company. Im Happy Happy Happy. :D
By Steve S
I'm putting in a new plot this fall, just a 1/2 acre one, got the results from the soil test back and added 600 lbs of lime and gonna use 5 bags of 6-12-12 can't find any 0-20-20 here, the plan is to plant Alpha-Rack and partridge pea the edges for cover, way too much N but its all I can find
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