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By iceman10
Ever since I purchased my my recreational property I have talked about clearing a spot that is about a half of an acre in the front woods , but there has always been other things that needed done and I have not had time to get this done maintaining 3 other larger plots on the property. Well a year ago my wife surprised me on my birthday by having this spot cleared out and prep so all I had to do was plant it. I planted whitetail institute clover and this has become my favorite spot on the property. I have pictures to add to this ,but I can t upload them according to tapatalk ? I also found 3 mature persimmon trees in the back of this cleared plot and it got me thinking of trying to start seedlings off the seeds in the persimmon I plan on collecting this fall , has anyone else tried this with any success ? I hope someone can tell me how to add the pictures using the updated tapatalk .
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By Sodbuster
I've grown persimmon tree's from the seeds. I just clean the seeds up, place a damp paper towel into a plastic containter, place the seeds on the paper towel, fold it over to cover them, put the lid on the container but leave a corner cracked open for air to circulate, and place in the refrigerator. Check it regular and keep the paper towel damp not wet. In 2-3 months a small white tail should form and you can plant the seed in a starter pot. This system has worked well for us on persimmon, apple, and pear seeds.
By yoderj@cox.net
Here is my documentation thread on propagating persimmons. I did several hundred this summer and am now starting to plant them: http://www.qrgc-forums.org/QRGC_Forums/yaf_postst449_Persimmon-Propagation.aspx

What you don't see in the thread is cold stratification. If you use the damp paper towel method you need to keep checking to make sure they have not germinated. You can also store them in a sealed ziplock bag in the fridge with no added moisture. This will cold stratify them and they will not germinate in the bag. This method lets you control when they get planted. When you are ready to plant, remove them from the bag and plant them. It can take several weeks for germination to take place after they are exposed to warmth and moisture post cold stratification.

Keep in mind that persimmons are not true to seed. That is plants grown from seed will unlikely have the characteristics of the parent plant. Also, only female trees bear fruit. Native American persimmon can easily take 8-10 years to bear fruit. You can't really tell the sex of a tree until it is old enough to bloom.

The best way to get good persimmon fruit as soon as possible is grafting. You can graft using scions from your local tree to get trees with the same characteristics as it or you can graft in improved varieties. Here is my thread on persimmon grafting: http://www.qrgc-forums.org/QRGC_Forums/yaf_postst358_Sex-Change-Operations--AKA-Bark-Grafting-Persimmons.aspx

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