I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By chrishunts
This is the first time I have ever planted a food plot. I chose grain sorghum after seeing the super highway the deer on my lease made heading to my neighbors place well into December. We planted on July 15th. I came back on August 31st and dressed it with nitrogen, 26-0-0 and 10-10-10. I hope it makes a difference. Our season is usually done as of Thanksgiving, but I shot this buck as he was making his way to the neighbors plot. Notice the electric fence. I got the idea from Dr. Deer. I don't think it's needed though as the deer haven't touched it and from what I've read, they won't until it seeds out. If it does okay, I'll venture into a broader arrangement next year.


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By chrishunts
Forgot the buck.

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By chrishunts
The plot looks real nice.
Congrats on the buck. was that was last years deer?

Yes Sir, last December. I passed on a wider deer. I hope to see one of his brothers in my food plot this year...If it takes.
By dhunter
Looks great! Congrats... Can't wait 2 c grip&grin this year! Thx
By Sodbuster
I've planted lab lab mixes that had the short Wgf sorghum in it and the deer would come running to it to eat the hard seed heads. We had to plant a 1/4 acre of sorghum at the last minute this year for a screen after the utility co. cleaned out the powerline, exposing one of are clover plots. Hope the deer will use it like the wgf variety.
By kenfa04
Looks great. I screwd up a couple years ago and planted some hay grazer with ic peas. Haygrazer ended up getting about 8' tall. Had a mess come fall with my limited equipment.
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By chrishunts
I'll be back in the woods 3rd weekend of October. I'll let y'all know if the nitro and fertilizer did the trick. Been getting a little rain, so I've got my fingers crossed.
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By wv-outdoor
Great buck and the plot looks good. Best of luck with it and hunting this Fall!!

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