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Image Here is a winter rye plot I put in 3 days ago, last night it rained so it should take off, I know its late but I heard winter rye is hardy, grows in all kinds of soils and is good for the soil, most importantly deer love to eat it, I mowed it short with my trail mower and disked it up with the ground hog max, hand spread it, drover over it and I got a little rain, hope it turns out. I bought the groundhog max about a month ago on sale because I wanted a little plow that would do small plots. I did not round up the plot but I went over it and over it and after you break up initial bed it really starts to throw some dirt. The faster you go the better, I have a Polaris sportsman 500 with a 2 inch Kolpin receiver on it, I am impressed with this little plow for plots a half an acre or smaller, also mow short and roundup should really help. Anyone have any experience with winter rye plots? Thanks Scoot
I prefer winter wheat to rye for my area, but rye has worked well for me. I like to let my wheat and rye mature and knock it down at the end of Aug. All the seed that the deer didn't eat during the summer will germinate and give you a nice fall plot. I always top dress with a little more seed. Before you knock it down broadcast some Austrian Winter Peas into the standing wheat/rye and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Cool deal.. I bought a groundhog max last summer, but have yet to use it. Really need to find time to plant some plots. Just need to keep the oil & gas folks from putting in new lines every year.:cry:

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