I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By Roscoe
It's been very dry here and I was on the fence about doing a plot at all this year. But we had 4.5" of rain out at deer camp on the 19th and with a predicted rain system this weekend we hustled up some seed and fertilizer and got after it late Friday. We spread the fertilizer, hit it with the disc, spread some seed and rolled it. I just spoke with the landowner next door and we had 1.5" of rain last night. I went with just oats this planting. I'm going to top it with some rye later this month after it cools a little.
We finished right before dark Friday night. I couldn't believe how much deer & hog foot traffic there was on it just overnight. I got my S600IR on a stic-n-pic to see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

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By rgilley
good looking plot....
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By cosmos24
pray for more rain! :D
Lookin good Ross, probably sprouting already.
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By mattpatt
Got ours in on Friday before the little front came through as well. 2 acres of Austrian Winter Peas with a little white clover mixed in. Usually plant wheat and oats but I had a very small plot of peas last year in a different area and they really seemed to love them so I thought I'd change things up a little is year and give them all peas.

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By Roscoe
Matt, in the last couple of years I have planted AWP, brassicas and clover in mine as well the oats and rye. I always get a good germination on everything because I wait for rain and then October does what it seems like it usually does...throws a couple of weeks of highs around 90* and no rain. Seems like the grains are about only thing that survive and thrive consistently enough to make it worthwhile. I was going to go ahead and plant the rye this weekend, but it got nuked last year with a hot dry October so I decided to wait. There are few seeds that will germinate any better than rye surface broadcasted, So I'll just wait a couple more weeks to top it off with that.

Be sure and keep us updated with some pics of your plots as they grow. I love seeing plot pics. :mrgreen:
By scdeerslayer
Got mine planted the 21st. I was wanting to plant on the 7th but they weren't calling for any rain. I was going to plant no later than the 21st no matter what, and it just happened they were calling for rain that night. Didn't get much because it mostly rained out as it moved from GA into SC but we got some and then got a lot more Wednesday night when it basically did just the opposite and started raining more as the clouds moved into SC. Everything started popping up on Thursday so hopefully the deer will start using these before they completely destroy what I planted in June.
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