I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By Roscoe
Food plots really kicked it into high gear the last couple of weeks. With another 1" of rain yesterday and a week of mild temps on tap, they should flourish!

A new small strip plot I planted along the tree line this year:

A view from the strip plot looking back across main plot at my tower blind:

A view down the plot. Those feeders have been getting almost zero activity, so I pulled the G42 off feeder duty and set it up on a stic-n-pic to monitor the plot:
By yoderj@cox.net
Nice looking plot Ross. I'm hoping as cold weather moves in my deer will start using my plots during the daytime but so far most use is at night with all the acorns we got this year. I've been bringing home about 80 lbs of PTT every week to give away to folks back home. That seems to be the all my plots are really doing right now, but once the season is over, I'm sure they will sustain deer through the winter and give them a healthy jump on spring.
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By Roscoe
Thanks Jack.

I was pretty heavy handed with the seed this year. Way over did it.

We had several hard freezes last week, so they are on ours pretty good now. Had 5 deer on it at dark tonight. Seeing that always makes the effort seem worthwhile.

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