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By ko4nrbs
I plan to plant small clear areas in the woods around the lake in forage turnips. Many of the areas will be very small but all in the general area.

I can't plant large plots here because it is Public Land. The woods are bordered on the west side by the lake and Milo fields on the west. I'll prep the soil as best as I can by hand, i.e. rake, hoe, etc. and then broadcast the seed.

What turnip would be a good choice for my plans?
By Sodbuster
Purple top. I would add winter wheat or cereal rye. Deer will feed on those as soon as they pop up. They may never touch your turnips. I've never had deer care about brassica. Even have a neighbor who grows them for sale and the deer have never touched them in all the years he's grown them.
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By JB22
What is the soil like? Sunlight? How about radish? I've been planting radish for the past few years and have experienced excellent results. I still have corn and soybeans standing and my radish plots are getting hammered. Here is one of the plots below. First pic is form Aug 30 and the second pic is from today.



By yoderj@cox.net
I use both. I typically surface broadcast purple top turmips at 1 to 2 lbs per acre along with Crimson Clover at 8 to 10 lbs/ac and 100 lbs/ac of Winter Rye into standing beans when they yellow.

I typically drill my radish into established clover fields. I'll either drill them in august if the field goes dormant or if the field is older and getting weedy, I'll suppress the clover with 1 qt/ac gly and then drill the radish and cereal.

These are pictures of a clover field after it was drilled.



Deer react to brassica differently depending on area. In my area (zone 7a in central VA) deer did not touch turnips for the first few years, but used radish the first year it was planted. They now use both. They use the radish greens moderately from the time they emerge throughout the year. They don't usually touch the purple top until after we have had a good hard frost. They then hit the PTT forage. By then, they have usually finished the radish forage. Next they start using some radish tubers and finally in Jan or Feb use the PTT tubers.

Keep in mind that most brassica require pretty good sun. By the way, in most states you can't plant any public land without permission.

Good Luck,


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