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By bigten10
which one does everybody find better the rock or the 465? if uhave pics of site getting hit would be nice. i use the rock and it got hit good last year and was thinking of trying the 465. are people burying the 465 or just putting it on stumps or on top of soil? and what areas work best for both the rock and 465. swamps, clearcuts, wet areas, brooks etc. i used the rock last year in clearcut with excellent activity and used buck jam on stumps with excellent activity. thanx for any input
By speed2spare
Not what you are looking for. But I would just dump a $5 bag of water softener salt out instead. There is no right or wrong place to put it.
By dhunter
I've used both & S2S is right... Pool salt works about as good as 465 when mixed with soil... Rock is self sufficient on a stump... I like to start off with ol'faithful Grape Koolaide on top to get'em to find it quicker!!! My deer are addicted to GK!!!
If your purpose to attract deer for a camera survey, salt and/or sugar are the attractive ingredients in mineral supplements. Keep in mind that any point source attractant has increased disease transmission risks for some diseases due to the increased face to face contact.

If your purpose it to improve antler size or herd health, there is no sound evidence that mineral supplements aid this in free ranging deer herds. Your money is much better spent fertilizing food plots. The calcium component of Dicalcium phosphate can be covered with the type of lime you choose if the soil test shows your soils are low in calcium. The phosphate component is covered by the P in the N-P-K of fertilizer that you apply according to the test. Free ranging deer have access to a myriad of native plants. Each plant mines different trace minerals from different levels of the soil.

Planting and fertilizing food plots can increase antler size but it is by increasing the quality foods available, not because of the minerals. I'm simply pointing out that plants are by far the best delivery system for minerals to free ranging deer.

If your deer are penned, mineral supplements may be useful.


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By cosmos24
I have never seen anything draw deer in better than a plain trophy rock.
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By bowhtr1
I have used both and the deer here like both. The rock will last longer. If i were making a new spot I would put both at first until they find it and start using it. After that I would go by price. I am now using only the 465 because I picked up 10 bags on sale at tractor supply for 6 bucks each. I also have some 50 lb 5.99 mineral blocks from tractor supply that I put some 465 over the top of them and they like that also. I put mine on stumps anywhere deer pass. I try to put it somewhere on a log or stump so it can soak in. I have seen deer chew the rotten wood to get the salt out and spit the wood back out later.
I have some videos I can post but it will have to wait until I get home.

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