I think you know what you are doing here... :)
I don't think that would work very well for food plots, unless it's a very small plot, and unless you have power at your food plot you'd need a backpack gas powered blower. Seems like something more for landscapers where you are targeting specific areas and not broadcasting over a large area. Plus no more capacity than it has you'd spend more time refilling than spreading. I think you'd be better off with a hand crank spreader or a tow behind that you can pull behind an atv or lawn mower. Plus, with a hand crank the bulk of the weight you're carrying is what you're spreading - not a heavy blower.
Looks like a solution begging for a problem. I find the Solo chest mount broadcast spreader has the precision for small seed and enough capacity for large seed on smaller plots. With large seed on larger plots like winter rye where you don't need the precision, a tractor mounted broadcast spreader works well. The Solo holds about 20 lbs of seed and a small tractor mounted spread holds about 200 lbs. Even on acre plus fields, I sue the Solo for small seed like clover or PTT where the seeding rate is low and precision in the metering system is important.
I think it may be the ticket for small plots. I have several plots that are 100 yards long by 10 to 20 ft wide. It's hard at times to keep from throwing seed into the woods. I can aim this thing.
The broadcast width of most chest mount broadcast spreaders are smaller than 20 feet and can also be adjusted downward. I could seed a 100 x 10-20 yard plot with a chest mount spreader while you were filling your leaf blower with gas. Again...an expensive solution looking for a problem....
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