I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By bowhtr1
The first pic is after putting lime out then tilling. I then put the seed on top and compacted it with my 4 wheeler. I then went over it with 300 lbs 13-13-13 per acre.
The next 3 days the rains came. It got a good soaking. The second pic is on day six.
The last pic was yesterday.

The season does not start until the 1st but i cant hunt until the 14th. I will be on turnaround at work which starts tomorrow. I have about 5 acres planted in 7 plots.
Show off :mrgreen:

What's with the still pics? I figured you would have a video of things growing :lol: :lol:

That's funny. I guess I could have done time lapse on one of my cams. :idea: Maybe next year. :D

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