I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By ko4nrbs
When I planted several hundred various types of acorns at the lake I didn't realize it would rise 20 feet and flood all the areas I planted. I've been told the flooding is rare but it only takes one flood to kill all the Oak tree seedlings.

From the information I found here I think I will plant some Overcup Oaks. Looks like the best I can do in this area due to flooding.
http://www.na.fs.fed.us/SPFO/pubs/n_res ... odtbl1.htm" target="_blank

Check out the links to the two tables.
http://www.na.fs.fed.us/SPFO/pubs/n_res ... /toler.htm

All the wild Persimmon trees are in fine shape after the flood. That's a blessing!!

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By Gforce
All depends on the varieties, how long they had been planted, and how long submerged.

Think I would wait and see. This happened late season and if the planting were well established you may have more survive that you think as long as physical damage didn't occur. I have commonly planted flood plains where folks said trees won't grow. This kind of amazed me because there were trees there before clear cut, the trick is in timing. I have one plot of about 40 acres that is in a flood plain that get flooded about 3 or 4 times a year on average where I planted Long Leaf Pine. The first year was a dry year with no flooding and survive rate was good, going out ten years now even after prescribe burns survive rate is probably about 60% which is just a little below average for a 650 stem an acre planting . Folks also told me the ground was to wet to grow Pine, one thing they didn't consider was once the Hard Wood umbrella was removed the ground would dry out and once the Long Leaf Pine started growing they would suck any excess moisture right out of the ground. They are one fine young growing plantation today even with the occasional flooding.
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