I think you know what you are doing here... :)
By bigten10
for the people who are trying kool aid on there sites. are they actually mixing it with water or are they just dumping the packet on the site? thinking of trying this. having good results with trophy rock. always looking too try different things. thanx for any info
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By johnnydeerhunter
Just using the powder, make sure it has the sugar in it. I buy the packets sometimes and mix it with sugar myself, works out cheaper than buying the ready to use stuff. I think it's 9 of the 20 cent packets for 4 lbs of sugar.
By bigten10
johnny deer hunting how much are you dumping at one site? i bought 2 cans of kool aid with sugar in it. they are 19 oz cans 1lb 3 ounces. do you mix it with the soil or are you dumping on top of soil? thanx
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By johnnydeerhunter
If you're near a trail you just need a couple ounces and that container will do about 5 sites. If you're trying to draw the deer from a distance use about a third of it. If using loose salt mix the salt with the dirt and then sprinkle the powder by itself on top. If using a block just splash a little water on it and sprinkle the kool aid in the water. You want it to stay powdery so the breeze blows the scent around. You probably really can't use to much. I don't over do it because I don't want the bear hanging around any more then they are already. Once the kool aid is gone the deer will come back for just the salt.

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