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By bigten10
will deer still use salt licks and blocks in the winter and also like molasses or buck jam? i know they use this stuff in spring summer but was wondering about winter when there is snow on ground? thanx for any info. also what would be good to use in winter that will hold up too snow and not get molded. ps i do not have feeder either
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By johnnydeerhunter
Salt lick activity really decreases in the winter months but the deer will still use it on occasion. I use watersoftner salt most of the time but for some reason trophy rocks seem to get the most activity in the winter months. I have seen the deer dig through the snow to get at them. Like I said though, activity is really low after fall, maybe a couple hits at the sight a week, if that.
By NCOBrian?
Our test sites get hit all year long. It does decrease in the winter and they do get buried under deep snow, but when accessible, they still visit a lot.

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