I think you know what you are doing here... :)
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By mattpatt
Some of my 4 and 5 year old chestnuts are blooming for the first time...

Five year old Allegheny Chinquapin (Male catkins)

Female catkins on the same tree

Four year old Dunstan Chestnut

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By bowhtr1
Mine did that this year but I don't see any chestnuts. I had three in pots and rubbed them on one another.
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By mattpatt
I had four chestnut trees that bloomed this year. Expecting many more next year and maybe a few nuts if I'm lucky. The start of much better things to come. The Allegheny Chinquapin started last year with just a few catkins and this year it's covered. Too bad I don't have another chinquapin the same age for it to cross with.


Congrats! Your trees are looking great. Some of mine are larger than the ones in the picture vegetatively but I have yet to see any catkins on them. This year, one tree produced what appears to be a viable nut. I'm presuming it was fertilized by one of the native ACs since none of the dunstans have catkins.



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By speed2spare
That's awesome Matt. What percent of your seedlings would you guess made it the 5 year old mark?

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