Any hunting related discussion not particularly related to the use of trail cameras, issues or problems. Enjoy!
By Saskboy
I decided to sight in a new gun on the weekend at my hunting shack. Typically I really try to limit gunfire in an effort to not scare away my deer population in the immediate area. Last weekend I said screw it, and fired off at least 30 rounds or so. I was surprised to see deer show up on my trail camera again that evening/night just as if nothing ever happened. They literally would have walked overtop my empty brass chucked all over the snow ( have to collect the empty brass after the snow melts). Has anyone else seen deer ignore or not get spooked by gunfire? Hunting season has been over for close to 2 months also so maybe they braved up a little.
I believe it has a lot to do with how much pressure the deer are under at the time. We shot some crop damage deer tags very early fall this year. Just about the time bow season started. So they had no pressure at that time. We would shoot and within 15 minutes there woukd be more deer out. Advance a couple months into gun season and shots fired meant you were not seeing anything for a while.

As for shooting at deer camp out of season. I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Even if the deer move out for a day or two. They will be back.
Our shooting range is at our camp also and we have had deer on the shooting range, which is about 350 yards long, while we were shooting. And like said above let season open and everybody tramping around in the woods the deer go nocturnal for a while.
Shooting doesn't bother them at all! I had deer in front of me numerous times were someone was shooting 300 yards away... they didn't even raise their heads!
There is a military base about 35 miles north of me that is roughly 60,000 acres, mainly wooded. There are tons of deer there despite the constant training and gun fire. In the summer months national guard troops do their annual training as well. Quite frequently I hear the loud booms from my house. Hunting is allowed by a lottery system with 4000 permits given out yearly. A lot of trophy bucks are taken every year.
I opened a Code Blue Tarsal gland at the base of the tree my stand was in. At one point 5 does were slowly circling me trying to find this mystery buck. I shot one. They kept walking around. I dropped a second one. I could have kept shooting but did not feel like cleaning so many deer all by myself. 30 feet away now... close.

I believe my scent and movement are what is scary to deer more so than other things.
I've shot all kinds of varmint's while hunting my stand and normally see more deer when and after I killed the varmint... I have been watching youngers buck and shot a larger buck and the others seem more curious than afraid....

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