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The only difference I noticed lately was that I could never get someone on the phone. Always rang until it went to please leave a message. When I emailed them I got replies sometimes within an hour. Not sure why no one was working the phones. Can't complain much about that.
He was real good to me about swapping out bad cams -
covert IMO is tops in customer service and I don't know if that's the company's way or if it was his but I appreciated it; that was my only point. I've had nothing but great experiences when I needed something resolved so now I'm curious if that level of service will continue. If it was company driven then I'm sure it will but if the "exchange program" was his way then people may get frustrated real quick. I guess we'll see...
Vanhalo wrote: Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:25 am Same experience here. Called them about my Covert Code Black 2013 model "card is full issue" and they sent me the 2014 model for $50 upon the RMA of the 2013 model.
2014 model went bad...upgraded to the 2015
2015 went bad recently ...$300

I don't think I will be upgrading again.
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