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By wvhunter
Ok, I have been toying with getting a Browning (have never run one). Have seen some positive reviews have also seen some people (facebook) saying they would never have another. So for those who have a 15 Strike Force what are your thoughts. Sample pics are always helpful.

The camera will be used mostly for stills, though it may get some light duty video work. Will be set up on trails and scrapes, trigger good enough for this use and how is the recovery. I run cams 7/24/365 so how's battery life.

Thanks in advance for any information.
By Konk
#336634 can provide you with most of the info you are looking for. I have the 2014 Strike Force and I am pretty satisfied with it.
By wvhunter
I read trailcampro's review, just looking for real world users input. I don't totally trust there findings, though there tests do help some.
By wvhunter
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By cosmos24
It is a good picture cam from what I have seen and the trigger and recovery are probably better than most every cam you own except maybe the bushnell? It is one of the top selling cams this year and last year for a reason, It produces.
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By Fl_Cracker
I like it! A good camera to add to your arsenal, its small and easy to hide, has good battery life. When the subject is close at night it will not flash burn and usually keeps taking pictures till the subject is gone. Also, has a decent sensor, will pump out the light when subject is far. Now the bad, it has its fair share of motion blur, daytime pictures can be lacking color & sharpness and not a good camera for video.
By wvhunter
Good info, thanks guys!
By dhunter
Let u know what I week... Got one soakin since June & first time I finally get to check this cam out in the deer woods!
By wvhunter
Well ordered one today, going to try the Browning and ordered from TrailCamPro (who I have never ordered from before either). Shall see how it goes.
By wvhunter
Camera came yesterday was very pleased with the speed of shipment from TrailCamPro.

Did some backyard testing and so far pretty pleased. Does have some motion blur at night but not horrible. Sound on video seemed a little weak but not bad. Picture quality over all was pleased with.

Really like the rapidfire vs std burst option. That has been something I have always wanted in a cam, have the 3 second delay on the burst on a feeder but the .3 second delay when on a trail.

Camera seems well built, battery tray is a bit difficult to get in and out taking more force than I really like to use on a camera.

Will be headed to the woods this weekend and hopefully in a week or so will have some pics from the woods to share. Have a scrape already picked out and just needing a cam.
By dhunter
Liking mine so far. . Nice pics both day & night!
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By mattpatt
Make sure you guys upgrade to the latest firmware. I had one that the night pics were dark. It was like the IR filter was stuck causing all night pics to be dark. New firmware fixed it.
By wvhunter
Thanks matt, that was one of the first things I checked and it already had the new firmware on it (assuming I'm reading the version correctly).
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By Jake
I just got one from trailcampro this week. Fast shipping and price was good. Best I found was $120 on eBay. So for $10 more at trailcampro I got a sd card and their extra year warranty.
Plus I always wanted to support them guys from reading all their reviews for years. Yah skewed a little but they arnt that far off really.

But from my research it seems like a solid camera. I had a 14 strike force and sold it as I liked what I seen on the 15 model.

I will also keep updated here with my findings but I know it will perform just fine.

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