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By redinthehead37
Hey guys. I'm new to the site. I have a question. I pulled 2 of my cards from both of my Dark Ops HD that I purchased back in August and I'm getting black out photos. Some are completely dark and others are so grainy you can barely see. Almost all of my night photos look like this. Do I just need to upgrade the firmware? Thanks
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First thing I would do is change the batteries.
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By bowhtr1
Yes the firmware will fix those blackout problems. I just ordered two of the btc-6hd cams. I got them on ebay for 239.86 for both. Free shipping.
By Konk
I had the same issues with mine, I updated the firmware and the pictures went from black and grainy to this;


Disregard the date//time, after updating the firmware in the field I forgot to reset the date/time.

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