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By redinthehead37
I'm running 16gb cards in my Dark Ops HDs. This weekend I'm going to change them over to video mode. How many videos can you get on a 16gb card? I've always ran photos, so I'm not for sure. I won't be checking my cards again for about 3 weeks. I just didn't want them to fill up fast. Thanks
By j-bo
Read your manual.

360 10 sec vids on ultra, 460 on high.

Easier to buy the max GB card you can get.. always. Cheap enough. Double capacity.
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By bowhtr1
I have found some good deals on Sandisk 32GB class 10, U3 cards on Ebay. I buy a few each month.
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By bowhtr1
Ultra is the best but takes more disk space
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By bobcat
They call it Ultra but the night videos are pitiful IMO. I'm guessing it records at 15fps is the reason. My Stealth G42's I gave for $99 have better video than my BTC-8's.

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