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By saolaguy
Well I just picked up three Browning Strike Force units (BTCHD). And all three are dead after only two months in the field! (Most only worked for about two weeks.) Granted, I am working in very wet and humid tropical forest, very different from what most people camera trap in. But I was still disappointed. Even the Bushnell Trophy Cam units that I’ve used in the past lasted longer than that (up to one year). A significant investment on my part—for little return. So, if anyone else reading this is working in rainforest, I don’t recommend the Strike Force!

And now a question: I bought these units through (third party seller) and the seller doesn't accept returns. Would Browning refund my money if I complained loudly enough? I thought about asking if they could be fixed and replaced—but I don’t think I can use them where I am working. (Maybe fine if I am back home in the US, but in Vietnam, the just don’t seem to stand up to the conditions?) Or maybe a creative solution—would someone on this forum be interested in taking them off my hands and fixing them for their own use? (The cameras seem to work OK in temperate conditions?)

Thanks for any insight!

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