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By Chick
Looking at the camera I just got for Christmas, the display is identical to my Moultrie M-80. Are these cameras made by Moultrie for Browning? Is the SD card format the same as the Moultrie?
By Konk
I think the reason they are very similar is because they probably use the same Chinese camera maker. Not many cameras are made in the USA anymore.
By Chick
Since I posted this, somewhere I found that Browning had enticed some of Moultrie people to come work for them, when they started up. So, there are similarities. As I am recovering from a knee replacement, I have not been able to check things out much, other than to note that the cards from the Browning camera has the same designation on the SD card as my Trophy Cam's. I have no idea if the format is the same, and will not know until I can get to the woods to pull my cameras.
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