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By Mac-
Received my replacement Recon Force and it too had static ( arcing ) problems in night video and audio. :evil:
Now it has stopped working completely.
Going to box it up and send it back.
Put it on the next container ship going back to China.
By Mac-
They don't want that junk...that's why they sent it over here.
Hard to believe that they could be so poor as to make Bushnell look good. :lol:

I should add that it does still take decent daytime video, but that's not what I bought it for.
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By bobcat
I've not found a Browning that has good videos which is what I run 99% of the time.
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By code1
Received my replacement Recon Force and it too had static ( arcing ) problems in night video and audio. :evil:
Now it has stopped working completely.
Going to box it up and send it back.

Man that sucks! Was your Recon Force a 2015 model and how long have you been using the camera? I bought six of the 2015 7FHD's on closeout this month.They are all in the woods on video 90% of the time since I received them.

I've pulled the cards three times so far had maybe 500+ videos total between the cams and overall I have been pretty happy with the videos for the price I paid for my cameras ($100). My overall sound has been great for a trail camera its not 100% perfect all the time, but pretty solid overall and much, much better than any camera I've owned except my Reconyx Wr6. Night video's are decent plenty good for scouting duty (my use), however not great there is room for improvement there

The pictures on the other hand not so impressive I don't like this model for a picture camera.

I'm using 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sandisk class 4 SD cards which I quick format after viewing on my computer after each use. The reason I add that is sometimes I've had some SD cards give me weird issues on past trail cameras.

When you say "arcing' in night videos are you talking about the IR/brightness adjustment you sometimes see at the first second or two of the night video or something else? I'll keep my eye up for any issues that may show up. Updated, I saw your video link of the issue from a earlier post. I haven't seen that in any of my cams something isn't right for sure!

To be honest guys I haven't seen a "Video" trail camera yet that I was 100% happy with. I guess I picky or expect to much.

I liked my old Bushnell HD the best so far, but even then it still had weak IR range overall and died in one year of use. It seems impossible to get decent video trigger speed,good video and good sound all in one camera!

Here is a sample night video from one of my 7FHD's. All of my night videos pretty much look and sound this way like them or hate them. This one is down size from 1080 to 720 for posting and you will see a flash that's another nearby camera."
By Mac-
Both cameras were BTC-7FHD . 2015 models.

I posted a youtube video showing the static/arcing problem." target="_blank
or" target="_blank

My first camera worked for a month or two and the second made it about a week.
Same static problems and shortly no readable night videos. ( Camera appears to trip, but the file size is smaller than it should be and you can't play it )

If the Browning people read this maybe they could shed more light on what is happening inside the camera.

I'm using 16gb sandisk and 32 gb sony. both class 10 cards.
Plain old Duracell alkaline batteries.

Best of luck with yours
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By code1
Thanks for the info. I hope I fair better in the long run, but with these China built cams of any Brand/Company its seems problems always show up sooner or later when you play the odds buying several. On a side note I've had more camera issues with class 10 cards over the years. Don't have a clue why on paper they should be better cards than a class 4.

Reconyx XR6 or WR6 still seem to be the best of the current trail cams I've tried for video this year. That said, man the price is up there!

I bought 2015 Primos 03's the video sound noise is horrible----Moultrie 880i/990i light metering and static first 1-2 seconds of video then it evens out ok but slow FPS is choppy at times, Dark Ops really ugly night video and sound sucks, 8FTD about the same as the 7FHD sound wise and day video, but alot grainier night video,Stealth G42 died first week out returned it for another model, etc etc.

I like most of the the above cams for pictures(except 7/8FHD) , their video may be usable for scouting, however lacks anything to brag home about.
By TNHunter
I have been using a 2015 spec ops this year in video mode. I noticed when I pulled the card yesterday that I had about 3-5 videos with that "static sound" I also had at least 5 videos that would not play. The file size was considerably smaller than the rest of the videos. Is this a problem that will eventually cause the camera to stop working? If so, do I need to go ahead and send the camera to browning?i am using sandisk SD class 4 cards.
By Mac-
Sounds like the exact same problems I had.

You probably need to call customer service before you send it back. at least to get the address. If they say they never heard of the problem, tell them to read the blog. ( I played the static sound to them over the phone.)
I did use the camera for daytime videos for a while, and it seemed to work. I never tried the picture setting.
My camera is with customer service now, I'll let everyone know the results of that.
By Mac-
Just received a new, in the package, replacement from Browning. Putting it out tonight. I'll let you know how it works.
alkaline btry at 72% indoors
16 GB class 10 SanDisk card formatted in camera
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By MI Hunter
My Brownings have been fine so far, the only issue I really have with them is their pic quality, particularly their BF night shots. I really like the daytime vids my 8FHD but really wish it'd take a 64gb card.
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By Cyrus747
are they not all made in China? good ones and bad ones...sometimes you strike out with this stuff.

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