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By bowhtr1
I called Browning and asked about the max SD CARD size in the new cameras. He of course says 32 gb but it will overwrite the old files when full. I told him to me that is useless unless it's for security. I asked if they were going to go with a larger 64 gb cards. He said that they have to do something because they are having issues with the faster cards. This is the class 10 with the high mb/s rate. I was looking at some 95 mb/s cards which he said that is where they are having issues. He made it sound like next year you will see this change to larger gb cards. So if you get new cards just remember to get the lower mb/s cards. I have a few 80 mb/s cards that work in mine so maybe that's the max.
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By code1
All the card issues I've had with trail cams the past several years have involved class 10 or higher SDHC cards. Anymore I just buy Sandisk 8, 16G or 32G basic class 4 cards for 95% of my cameras. I have no issues with these in any of my cameras.

My reconyx cams do like the higher end 32G class 10 SDHC HD video cardsbut that's the only cams I use them in.

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