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By bowhtr1
Called Browning today. The tech guy checked on release date and said no date is set yet. ??? He even double checked when I told him I was told February 1st. He thinks more like March or April. Back to the waiting game. :? I hope they dont have issues. I had called about 10 days ago and they said they just got the first shipment in that day. The guy I talked to today said that he has one on his desk playing with it. Why would they be sitting on the first shipment unless!!!!
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By code1
I've been waiting for the 2016 7/8FHD's myself I hope it's not April when they start shipping!

I hope they are able to improve the night video and picture clarity some more on the 7FHD and 8FHD's. That said I haven't seen anything that list "improved image sensor/better night shots 2016 models". I bought more of the red led 2015 7FHD's this past year because they had better night video clarity and range than my black led 8FHD's. I much prefer black flash however for video/pics since it spooks less animals in the long run.

From the 2016 specs I see listed it looks like we will have 20 second video now a huge plus for me as my favorite video setting on my cams is 20 seconds day and night.New Camo looks better for the oak trees in my area the old camo was to light in color on our darker trees.
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By bowhtr1
Just today I bought the btc-8fhd p from custom1 and ordered a btc6-hde from Basspro at a cost to me of only 10.49. I love gift cards.

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