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Bought a BTC6-HD (Dark Ops) last July and it has performed well until now. I recently set it to TimeLapse Plus mode and it worked fine for 2 weeks, until the latest pull it had reset itself to Trail Cam mode. In addition, all the settings (including date/time) had been reset to Factory default. I re-programmed all the settings and powered the camera down; when I powered it back up it had reset to factory defaults again! I just left it alone for the moment and looked at the pictures it had taken. ALL pics had the same date and time stamp (1-1-15 and 12:00 AM). That tells me that the camera is resetting to factory default after EACH picture. Obviously the camera is non-programmable with this problem.

Has anyone heard of a camera doing something like this?
I think Browning had a firmware update for that cam. If you haven't done it I would try it. Also try new batteries.
Sent the cam back to Trail Cam Pro and they sent me a new BTC6-HDE as a replacement. I'll get it into the field this weekend.
You came out ahead on that one.
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