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Got it in the mail today. I like the camo. The color screen is nice but I didn't need that. Opening the box I noticed there is no USB cable. I am glad for that. In the picture below is all that comes in the box. Setup was easy without any instructions. I ran some video while cooking some pork chops. I played them back on the color screen and it has no sound on the videos. So no speaker for the color screen. I checked the videos on my computer and they look good and sound good for being inside. Its raining so I will play with it inside until tomorrow. Checking out the smart video thing but not sure I like it. I would not be good for a feeder. You would fill a 32gb card fairly quick. The normal day 20 second videos are 50-54 mb's. I think the 20 second video option will work for me.

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Nice looking unit. Is there a option for other video formats other than HD? I just sent in 3 Aggressor (bushnell) cams under warranty but I have a feeling nothing will change with the replacements. So I feel its time to move away from bushnell for the first time and try something different. I'm leaning towards Browning this year so I'll be watching to see how yours is treating you. I like my trophy cams battery life and I think browning cams use 6 AA's instead of the Bushnell's 8. So keep us posted how the batteries are treating you. I've never used lithiums and don't want to start.
I had Bushnell cams until last year when they decided to mess up the HD video. Also the trigger time on video was horrible. I dont think they changed anything this year other than the Essential and wireless cam. This cam uses 8 batteries and does have a high and Ultra setting for Video. The Browning I am getting in on Monday takes 6 batteries, its the 2016 BTC-6HD-E.
bowhtr1 are you going to try some pics with the new Spec Ops? Reviews and comments about last year's Spec Ops was bad for pics. I also know you like just video and why. (I thought about buying the Spec Ops, but there doesn't seem to be even a minimal cap or cover over the lens area.)
I have a little sheild for the top of the camera and yes I will post some pictures to see if they are better than last years. I wish they had a picture/video option. I really like my Reconyx with that option.
I had to work all weekend but managed to do a few things with the camera. I am sad to say the night videos look exactly the same as last years. The day videos are still good at 29fps. The video starts right at 1 second from trip which is real good. I will put this in the woods for tomorrow night on video to get some more examples and post some of those videos. Then on tuesday night I will set it on the picture setting at some burst rate to see if they improved the pictues from this camera. I hope they at least fixed the pictures. If not then this is another bad year for this camera.
Pulled the card this morning. Here are some videos from the day and night. I didn't get any transition videos from this one. I set the camera for picture and will post some tomorrow. The day videos are the best out there. They are better than my Reconyx XR6 cams.
Pulled some pictures from this one today. Day pics look better than last year. Not sure about the night pics. ??
Iso 112
Iso 120
Iso 112
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Iso 3200
yea i hear that. I will set it for video again Friday. I will move it to another spot.
Bowhtr1 - I sure am glad you are doing this review. I've been looking for some samples of this years Brownings, can't find any. I'd like to see a 2016 Recon Force Plat review. Thanks for your help.
Ok I have some more BTC-8-P videos from the location the BTC6-E was. I still hear the wining noise on the video but at least I can hear the sound. I set this one back on picture mode to see how it does in the woods. I should have had this already, but I left it in setup mode. Talk about fast video trigger check out the one with me on my 4 wheeler. This camera seems to adjust with the flash but then slowly gets brighter no matter where the subject is." target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank
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