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By teddybaham
back in NOV 2015 i purchased 2 BTC 6HD from Cabelas. i immediately completed the latest firmware update. i deployed the units with lithium batteries and scan disk 32gb cards. cameras ran great took thousands of pics and videos with no issues except, one of the cams took blurry night photos. i contacted BTC tech support a few weeks ago and spoke to Bob who went through the cam with me. he said i did everything right (his only warning was using the ultra cards he said they write too fast and miss pics, not sure i haven't had any issues but ill test his theory) so i sent the cam in with notes on the problem and a few days later called to see if they had received it. he said they did and was already headed back to me and it checked out fine. ":What?" i would not have sent it in if there was no problem. but i must say this the turn around was lightning fast less than a week door to door. so before the new one arrived i tried to contact CS because apparently tech support has no way to transfer you to a different dept. i called every extension several times and no one ever answered the phone. at this point i was concerned because i was planning on buying a few more cams. i found their facebook page and sent them a message. i got a reply the very next day with a promise to look into it. a few days went by and i received another email from their CS saying they were sending me a brand new cam and a return label would be in the box. although it got off to a slow start (maybe my own perception) this is great customer service in my opinion. i got the cam today 2 days after i got the email brand new in the box. i just wanted to share my experience so others will buy with confidence. these are solid little units in my opinion for the $ and i plan on buying a few more. only time will tell of their longevity but video and pic quality is good in the one i still have running on the same set of batteries @100% after thousands of videos. they other works fine except for the night photos which i have a theory may be condensation so i will adjust angle and placement to rule that out.

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