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By reaperman
I jumped ship on bushnell and thought I'd try a browning. It took a few minutes to get the hang of programming, but it's ready to go. I did a few walk bys and tested the video. Wow, the video files are way big. A ten second video on the lowest vid setting was 29 mb, daytime. Compared to bushnell a 15 sec daytime is 13mb. But the pic files on 8mp were only 600k, daytime.

I put the cam in the woods on a active spot on pic mode and will give it a 2 or 3 day soak. The camo pattern of the unit is a bit brighter green than I would prefer. I like darker colored camo since my woods is mostly hardwood. Plus here in a month or so, things will freeze and everything will be brown. I'll post my findings
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By bobcat
My BTC-7 and 8's had huge video files. My Stealth G42 with a 15 second night video was a little over 50mbs! I'm thinking the Browning's were near the same.
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