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By tpcollins
The first two sessions now I've gotten 700+ pics each times of shadows and leaves moving in a corner of a well sunlit field. I have the cam set on "ultra" picture quality. Does this also affect sensitivity as well or do I just have it aimed in the wrong spot? My Bushnell Trophy HD that I had in the same spot last year never did this. Thanks.
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By bowhtr1
Ultra does not change the sensitivity. I think you have a bad spot picked out.
By speed2spare
You need to turn down the PIR sensitivity.
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By trailcamman
Leaves will definetly trigger the sensor along with sunlight. Try to remove any leaves close to the camera. Sunlight it heat so the sensor thinks its body heat. Try to angle camera away from these obstacles and you should be OK. I had same problems with leaves triggering my Browning Recon 1500 photos only 15 good ones. Windy days will make trees and branches sway a lot keep that in mind also. Definetly don't want full sdcard with nothing good on it.
By andymick32
I have the same issue with a couple of my Recon Forces, BTC-2 & BTC-7. it's like a picture every 2 minutes. It's filling up my memory card and eating my batteries. Not to mention a pain to scroll through pictures of nothing.
By andymick32
I finally got around to checking my other BTC-7 and I'm having the exact same issue, plus it is stuck on multi-shot mode. I'm really frustrated with these cams!! I tried out a newer Strike Force XV and it seems to be working fine. I guess I'll try sending the cams back to Browning, ugghh.

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