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By reaperman
This is what the videos from my replacement dark ops look like." target="
No different than the first camera. It looks like the night videos on this camera are sub par, at best. I've never saw so much "snow" on night videos from any brand camera.
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By bowhtr1
I see by the time stamp that you could have dew on the lens or it is a foggy night. Looks more like dew. Are you still getting videos like that?
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By reaperman
Its possible there could have been dew on the lens. But all of my videos are very snowy with no clarity whatsoever. I started testing with still pictures at night and that wasn't good either, see below. I've been in contact with, Trailcampro, where I bought the camera. I sent them a lot of pictures and vids for them to view. I asked them to test out a Dark ops to see what they found. If that camera operated like their prior testing did with clear pics/vids, they could replace mine with that tested camera. One of their reps took a camera home to do some night testing. The next day he emailed me to tell me his pics and videos were just like mine. Which I was glad to hear it wasn't just me. He said they contacted Browning to see what, if anything has changed since their original testing on the camera. Then he said I should try another brand until something gets worked out. So he suggested a Moultrie 888i, which is being shipped. He did suggest a Bushnell aggressor camera. But I told him I picked up three last year and wasn't too happy with them either. He was surprised to hear I had battery issues with them. I was surprised to hear he wasn't aware they eat batteries like candy.

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