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I just moved my Browning Strikeforce HD to a heavily used scrape line, and up to this point I have not had it on any good traveling trails so I can't say whether the camera is any good or not. From what I can tell it's been working just fine just haven't had it anywhere decent.

I am really hoping all this negative feed back on all these Browning cameras is a very select few because I love the quality of pictures it takes.

Are you guys having issues with video or pictures or both?? I set my camera up on video this time to see if it makes a difference.
Mine seems to be working fine. But mine is the 6hde.
Dark Ops Elite---Testing in the snow today, with still pics, I get between 60-70 ft. I noticed the cam is very fussy with placement. Slightly upward or downward greatly reduces detection range. I got the walk test light to come on at 80ft, but couldn't get a pic at that distance. ??
I watched deer eat in front of my Strike force and it did not get a single pic the entire time the deer were eating. I bought this camera from academy last month. I am wondering if I need to contact Browning. I replaced another camera that was getting around 2000 pics a week and now with the browning I am getting around 300 pics a week.

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