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By tpcollins
My 1st Strike Force works the best of the 3 units but it still gets a bit finicky with the Trail Card Lock error. I must have 30 SD cards mainly SanDisk regular and Ultra series with most of them in Class 10 speed. I just bought 6 new Sandisk cards at a Class 4 speed thinking they might work better.

The Strike Force HD won't work with any of the new class 4 cards and is very picky with the rest. My Spec Ops works kinda ok but with all 3 them sometimes I have to lick the contacts on the SD cards to get them to work. But then I'll go out a week later and turn the cam off and then back on to see if there's any pics and I'll get that same darn SD Card Failure error with no pics.

I had the Spec Ops working great today in the house this morning- turning it on and off several times to make sure it worked. I took it out later today to a new spot and went to turn it on and got the SD Card Failure again. I licked the contacts and put the card back in and it worked. I'll go out tomorrow just to check the card status and if I get that error again I'll be pizzed.

And I do not delete the photos from my Mac after uploading, I wait and delete them when I first put them back in the cam the next time. Just wondering if anyone has as many issues as I do with their Brownings? Thanks.
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By bowhtr1
Sounds strange. I have only Sandisk Ultra or Extreme cards and have never had an issue. Try formatting them in a computer and do a full format not a quick format. You will have to uncheck the quick format box. Make sure when you do it formats to the FAT 32 file system. Not sure about a Mac. See if you can find another computer like at the library or something. Your not the first I have heard about card problems. I would also check on the Browning web site for updates on the camera. If nothing works call Browning.
By NCOBrian?
On all my cams, the last thing I do is let the cam format the card before putting them out. Never had an issue with any cam except for a covert that hated certain cards no matter what.
By CanadaJack
I have a variety of BTC 5,6,7 and 8 cameras and early on had some card issues. What I've started doing is using the same 2 cards in each of my cameras instead of using random cards. I also bought one of Browning new card readers, had no issues this hunting season.
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