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By reaperman
From what I have seen is the bushnell no glow may not be detailed enough for security purposes. Unless the newer model has vastly improved. But my aggressor black flash cams don't take a good night picture. Here is one I still have from last week. The closer deer is about 40' away and the back deer is within 60'.
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By bowhtr1
You dont find many good night pictures from any black flash camera. Actually my Spartan GoCam is my best black flash night camera. But its still black flash and not as good as red glow.
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By bowhtr1
I was about to buy the Browning 2017 Spec Ops Extreme based on TCP's recommendation, until I saw the poor quality night images. Now I am thinking of buying the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 24MP No-Glow, 119877C. Would like to see your comparison with the Browning 2017 Spec Ops Extreme before deciding. My use is for home security. Camera will be pointed down a 100' driveway. Would like to have 80 - 100' detection and flash distance. I will sacrifice distance for no-glow.

Dont get the Bushnell. Check out th Bushnell cam section. I started a review of that exact camera. 119877c.
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