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By birdog
Great review on this camera at TCP. I'm thinking about switching from my Bushnell Aggressors. Any of you guy's have one and tested it yet?
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By bowhtr1
I saw that. I know of some others that have this one. Not sure they are worth the extra money compaired to the 2016 elite cams. You can get the 2016 elite cams cheap now.
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By birdog
Anyone else? TCP is running a pretty good deal on the 2016 Strike Force, however I believe the 2017 HD Pro is a better camera. It would be nice to hear from those that have experience with both.
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By bowhtr1
Birdog you have a pm.
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By reaperman
Ok, I bit and ordered one from TCP. Tired of grainy, black flash pictures/vids, even my red flash are nothing to brag about. I'm hoping this will be an improvement. Ordered today and already shipped, hopefully soon I can give a good review.
Lower the MP better the pics at night..
use long range flash setting ...

My night pics were grainy at 18mp..
Some said 12 mp is good but others said go lower...
Sent mine in today!
You have to use 4 mp for clear night pics!
Now i am getting ..motion blur on deer walking slowly on heads and front legs!
Daytime pics are real nice but not happy on ..motion blur at night!!
Funny bear is not blury but deer are maybe bear walk slower?
You need to use energizer batterys and San Disk cards per browning!
Browning sent me new camera.
Put it out last night motion blur on deer again!
They have to know its doing this ?

Also sd card cannot work in canon camera it will not magnify the pic.
Trying another card tonight!
Motion blur is negative fir me !
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