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Just a heads up on the 2017 Browning SpecOps Extreme (BTC-8FHD-PX)

Given the SmartIR video feature, I loaded this cam up with a 256GB Samsung Microsd card.... it failed to take any night videos and the trigger speed was extremely poor. I called support to talk about it and they notified me it doesn't support microsd cards. The manual only stats "Removeable Memory: Up to 512GB" so I thought i'd try to save some of you some trouble. Stick to a basic SanDisk card 512GB or less and you'll be fine.

Also, you need to have the camera on Ultra quality to get 1080p 60fps. I've seen several people state their videos are only 30fps.

our booth and sert up this year.

Those are nice pics.

what causes that ?

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