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Update: Another 584 photos to add to the running total which brings the current total to 14,738 pictures. I have no idea what the actual battery voltage is, but I'm happy to see this camera will let the batteries run down quite a ways before it will stop taking pictures. The night flash is still as bright as it has always been.
Update: Another 482 photos added from the past few days brings the running total to 15,220 pictures. The battery meter is reading between 36-38%. Just a reminder, this camera only uses 6 AA batteries. Again, the batteries I am using are Amazon brand, alkaline cells.
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By rebbie
Update: Another 866 (approx. 75% daytime) photos brings the running total to 19,072 pictures. Battery meter is displaying 33%.

WOW! Just amazing!!! I haven't kept count of how many photos my camera has taken but I am still running it with the original batteries I put in it from last year! This camera has to be the best little trail camera ever made!!! Keep us updated!
Update: Over the past week another 1,146 pictures were taken to bring the running total to 20,218 photos. The battery meter is now displaying 26%. However, in this last batch of photos, there wasn't one single night photo or transition picture. A few photos that should have been transition pictures were a bit "darker" than a normal photo, but still very visible. Obviously, the camera has insufficient power to generate a flash. I will continue to keep the batteries in the camera as long as it takes photos. I'm a bit curious to see how far down the battery voltage is.

Update: I just checked the voltage on all 6 batteries, they are all reading 12.96 volts. Which tell me this camera will let you get your money's worth from your batteries. Unlike some bushnells I have that the flash will quit at 14.6 volts, and stop taking photos not long after.
Update: Another 694 pictures brings the running total to 20,912 photos. Battery meter is displaying 23%. Again, there were no night photos. Its obvious the weakened batteries cant muster enough power to generate a flash.
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What browning camera is this? Very nice pictures!

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