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I've been a long time user of DLC and UWAY trail cameras, but my online research over the years seems to indicate that Browning trail cameras have a very loyal user base. When I started looking at Browning trail cameras on the market, the sheer variety of models is bewildering, so I decided to ask here in this forum whether there is a consensus among Browning trail camera users about any particular model that is regarded as more reliable than other offerings from Browning.

I don't particularly have to buy the latest 2017 model on the market, and would gladly acquire any of the Browning trail camera models dating back to 2016 or earlier, provided of course that the model recommended is still available for purchase, even if it happens to be a discounted model whose manufacture has been discontinued.

For my requirements, I would like as sharp a picture resolution as is feasible for the model recommended, and I must have invisible flash capability, which I would assume most trail cams offer these days. Connectivity to phone networks I do not need at all, which may mean lower prices on the Browning trail camera models suitable for my needs.

Any advice that can be offered to narrow down my search for a reliable, time-tested and bullet-proof, Browning trail camera, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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For pictures only I was going to say the 2016 strike force elite. But you said pictures and black flash. If I only did pictures I would have a pile of these. The flash is very fast and you will only see it if you look directly at the camera. For black flash and night pictures you can get ok pictures at night. You may want to try the dark Ops elite. I had two of them and the pictures were ok, nothing great. If I wanted black flash and pictures only I would be looking at a different brand like Bushnell.
Thanks for these two names, Tim. I will now take a closer look at the 2016 Strike Force Elite, and the Dark Force Elite. Nothing beats hearing from someone who has used the product, since the manufacturer's descriptions are always penned in glowing terms.

I am surprised to hear a mention of Bushnell trail cams, because at least a couple of years back, Bushnell's lineup of trail cameras did seem to attract a lot of negative user comments, which led me to regard Bushnell's trail cameras as comparable to the Ford Pinto of trail cameras. This low rating may have changed in recent years though, so I might take a look at the current Bushnell offerings for 2017, to see what changes there might be.

Thank you sir, and I'll keep checking back here to see if any other Browning trail camera users can offer further pointers on the Browning selection that has been on the market for the past few years.
I've been having issues with my Browning Strikeforce but I think I may have figured out my issue with it. However, with that said I probably won't buy another. I haven't been impressed with it and feel their are better cameras out there. I have purchased recently a Bushnell Essential E2 that I'm very impressed with. Now it's a budget end for Bushnell so I may look at the Aggressor next.

Look at these reviews and check out this site.... ... ison-chart
I have heard good things about the E2. Never had one. I had the 2017 aggressor black flash and returned it. It was junk. It took good pictures with some dark pictures in the shady area but I need good video. I hear the new E3 Bushnell is not any good either.
Bushnell has always had the best sensor. Those results didnt suprise me at all.
I haven't had luck with my bushnell aggressor cameras either, battery hogs to say the least. My new strikeforce pro hd is proving to be a nice little unit with a lot of features. Battery life is great so far and it senses very well. It also gives a wide screen picture and covers much more ground than any other camera I've had. The picture quality is good, not fantastic like some reviews on the camera have said. But for general scouting it doing what its suppose to. I also like my primos truth 02, this camera has a very good flash, the best of any trail cam I've used. Battery life is good, even though I leave my unit on video mode. What I like is this camera will take a set of batteries right down to under 1 volt before it will stop working. My bushnell aggressors will simple stop taking pictures when the battery level is close to 1.4 volts :evil:
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