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Anybody have any ideas? I put it out 4 weeks ago, checked it 2 weeks ago,worked great, had plenty of pictures. Went back to check it and only had a couple pics, figured maybe batteries were no good even though I put brand new lithiums in, changed them out to new duracells. Still having the same problem-when I come up to open the camera the screen is lit up but blank. So I turn it off and back on again, and it loses all memory, date changes, all the settings I have on it go back to default, and it wont take pictures. Ive tried new batteries and difference sd cards, need some help.
Does the camera loses all internal settings when you change the batteries..?

suppose you had it on your table, installed batteries set date/time, then removed the battery tray and then gently slid back in... is date/time lost?

Could it be a short in the battery terminals?

One option is to hook an external battery and run it in the kitchen a few days. If it works fine, this could implicate a short or bad spring/soldier joint in the battery compartment.

You could study the battery tray and determine if the batteries are all in a series which would be 9V (6 * 1.5). You could then use a volt meter and test then end points with 6 batteries and verify the voltage. If its 9 but goes on and off with vibration then there could be a bad solder or spring.... I have not studied the battery tray to determine how the AAs are wired so be careful if you try this.

The external battery idea is the best one which by passes battery compartment first.
I pulled the tray out and put it back, anytime the power is gone from the batteries, it resets. Turned it on and left the door open to see if it will still take pictures, it will take a couple pics, then the display will light up with no info for a few seconds then turn off and no longer take any pictures. Probably the end of line for this one.
I had the same issue with a BTC6HD. Was still under warranty, so got a replacement.

What was happening is once the camera was armed, it would take one picture then reset all settings to default. I was trying to use time lapse mode, and I couldn't figure out why each time I checked it, it had reverted to trail cam mode and had reset time, date, etc.
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