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By picdic
this shows just how great it's trigger is. loving it for video so far.

Yes, that's pretty good trigger speed for video, many cams are slower to trigger in video mode. Good quality video too.

Most of my cams are set to video. To me, every picture tells a story, but video brings it to life.

my cam that is set up on the licking branch will always be a picture cam. there's just WAY too much activity there to be on video. and that M-888 has been a great performer for pics, especially night-pics, which is the only time those dang bucks come out to play.
but yes, video sure gets fun once one starts playing with it. at first, reading about the brownings prior to buying one, I thought that 10 second vids were silly. they seemed so short. but, they definitely have a purpose. if set just on a crossing trail, where the animals are most likely to be "passing by", 10 seconds is really all that is needed. my bear was mauling the cam for about 3 seconds, the deer walked completely by in just a few, and the moose posed nicely for the duration, but longer wasn't necessary.
I have had my spypoint in spots that were more "viewable", where the animal walking through was captured for much longer. I always seem to have it set to 30 seconds. but I know it's battery life is phenomenal also, even on video.
i'm still finding out about this browning, and how it's consumption will be. good, I hope, because I really don't want this camera set to picture-mode.
By picdic
the browning redeemed itself for the pictures. I actually hadn't really given it much testing on pics, but I wasn't initially happy with it's detection. last time out, I changed it from video to pics. very happy with it's detection in all the pics it took. still not loving it's colour-rendering as much as some of my other cams, but i'm not framing any of the pics anyway.
By RiverRat
I've noticed with all my cameras that run in tv's $100 range that detection in the picture setting is outstanding. With video they take longer to activate. For hunting purposes I believe setting a camera top picture mode is the way to go.
By picdic
it was not a great set-up at all. very rushed and not any real desirable spots, so I just had to set it where I could. i'm trying to catch a couple really good bucks that are here. but the area is very visible to other hunters coming through, and especially to guys who glass it from straight across from here. so I had to make sure it was facing the way it is, so it's lights can't be spotted. but, that meant facing it directly into the sun. and once it was set, which was extremely rushed that day, I decided to just leave it where it is.
Italian chamois

What browning camera is this? Very nice pictures!

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