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By kwaldeier
Why is my camera doing this?
It didn't turn on out in the field,now it comes on for 1 second and then shuts off. Repeat.

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By johnnydeerhunter
Sounds like it could be batteries
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By bowhtr1
I am thinking battery tray issue. bad contact.
By RiverRat
May be silly but did you try a different memory card. Mine had issues with a 32g card and powering down. Once I put an 8g card in and gave it 24hrs of rest without any batteries and card in it, it started working again.

Your problem doesn't look like it's the same as mine was but it's worth a try. I'd call Browning see if they can help.
By picdic
I read so much about certain cams having issues that are due to the SD cards. that seems so weird to me, that THAT would be such a culprit of all things. I have even had a store tell me that the microSD cards should never be used.
that ALL I use in all of my cams. and it's so I can download everything to my phone out there. never, ever had any issues. and i'll even use an SD card straight from a camera that has all the Canon info on it. all are 32 GB cards and fast speeds. maybe I have just been very lucky/fortunate.
By picdic
I was just meaning that it's weird that a cam would be finicky about an SD card. not that they aren't. but we know that the tech isn't the same in different brands, so who knows. it just seems strange that some cams would be built for only certain cards. seems quite limiting, that one has to find/use selective SD cards to use.
I was going to compare it to batteries, but then, some cams operate differently with different batteries as well. some guys have issues where the cam won't work when the batteries get down to half, etc.
I think those could all still be due to a slightly defective cam though. they all have duds. but definitely the simplest fix/troubleshoot, would be to change the easiest things(batteries, SD cards).
By RiverRat
Yeah I used the exact same type of card and it worked? Lol so strange. 1 more camera operational!!

Are you saying it's working now? Could you explain what exactly you did to get it to work? Thanks
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