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By LetThemGrow
Am I the only one that thinks daylight video is worse than last few years? IR is much clearer, it also transitions to IR quicker in low light, but daytime video is over saturated or something. I'm very disappointed in my 2 new Spec Ops Extremes.
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By bowhtr1
My two spec ops extremes have better videos than last year day and night. It's not even close. I'm puzzled why you don't see the same thing. Mine is on the ultra setting and has 1080p at 60fps. Check the properties on you videos and see what it says.
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By bowhtr1
I have noticed that during low light there was not any difference. During the daylight with sun and at night there is a big difference with mine.
Here is the extreme.
Here is the Platinum.
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By bowhtr1
No I did like the day videos on the platinum but I think the extreme is better. When there is motion I see less blurr with the extreme than the plantinum. I hated the sound on the platinum. That drove me crazy.

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