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By Mac-
My Browning Recon Force BTC-7FHD, ate a new set of batteries in 2 days.

If someone could point me to info about how to fix it, I would give it a try.

Maybe I should just trash it and get a Reconyx
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By Anthony
I would start by testing each new battery before putting a new set in it. Test again with known good batteries first. Depending on results you will know what to do. You can get bad batteries new from the store in the package. a bad one or two will drop the voltage quickly and cause the whole batch to drain quickly.
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By reaperman
Like mentioned above, I've had a "few" batteries prematurely die while the others are still new. You have to test them when you remove them from your camera. Rayovac being the biggest culprit.
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By michiganbowbender
An inexpensive digital readout voltmeter solves a lot of battery related camera issues. That said, send me a pm if you're interested in getting rid of that problem camera before you trash it. :)
By Mac-
Thanks Guys!

Old Batteries... all measure ~1.25 volts...The 8 pack is 10 volts...the green info screen will not light up

New Batteries ( Amazon ) measure ~ 1.5 volts, some a little over or under. The 8 pack is 12V on the nose.
The green screen will light up, but no info is displayed....When I turn the switch to "Off" the screen remains lit
The only way I can turn the screen off is to pull the battery pack.

I'm guessing it's another Brownig brick
By Mac-
was playing with it, here at the desk, after I wrote the above post, and now it seems to work, except the battery indicator is at 84%...will put it out tonight and see what happens.
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By clarkengelman
I just bought a Recon Force Extreme and its eating batteries as well. 46 videos with ultimate lithiums and down to 73%
By picdic
is it the new recon?
quit scaring me, now I feel I need to go check mine. I was planning to anyway, later this week. deer haven't been moving much in my parts, been hoping for a snow to get them going. finally got 3 cams out though a couple weeks ago. still have a couple more to put out. been a terrible season this year for me, cam-wise. between the spring's flooding, the summer's fires, and now a complete disappearing act by the deer, my cams have been at home more than out in the field.
curious to see if the recon has captured anything, and how my batteries are doing.
By picdic
but yeah, I like to double-check all batteries before I put them in a cam. like apples, one bad one can ruin the batch.
By picdic
checked my recon yesterday. 40 vids or so, and temps as low as -6C, but that was a daytime temp also, not a night, so not sure just how cold it's actually getting. but the batteries were still way up there, so that's good.
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By Anthony
I just bought a Recon Force Extreme and its eating batteries as well. 46 videos with ultimate lithiums and down to 73%

What is the length of the videos and what percent are night ?
By picdic
I just bought a Recon Force Extreme and its eating batteries as well. 46 videos with ultimate lithiums and down to 73%

that doesn't seem all that bad. how long of a period was that over? and what are the temps?
I know my strikeforce that is a couple years old can sit out all winter long, in temps down to almost -30C, and still have life in the spring when I can hike back in to it. but, it usually doesn't get much action either, as there isn't anything up at that elevation in that deep snow and cold temps anymore. and, it's not 1080HD either, which probably affects batteries a bit more, I would think.
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By Anthony
I try to tell people to imagine that if in photo mode it requires 200ms to process then save to sd card, then a second of video is like 5 photos and that would include the power drawn by the LEDs as well.

If your video is 10s thats like 50 photos. 100 10s videos is like 5000 photos.

If the camera will capture 20k photos on one set of batteries, then its the equivalent of 400 10s video clips.

This may not be exact but its a good starting point to compare with and is probably close.

You just can't compare video mode and photo mode very well without considering what I just said..
By Mac-
Thanks for the info Anthony
400 ten second videos doesn't go very far if there are squirrels around.

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