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By bigten10
have a browning strikeforce that only takes pictures. it will not take a video. anybody else have this problem and is there a simple cure? thanx . have other strikeforces and they have excellent videos.
By picdic
what year of strikeforce is it?
I have an elite from 2016, it's been a great cam. I did have a slight issue this spring, when I went to put my cams out. it didn't want to turn on. I've read of similar issues as well. I had changed batteries and the usual, and then just left it alone, figuring i'd be giving up on it. then one day I picked it up, having forgotten about the issue, and the thing turned on and has worked fine ever since. very glad too, because I wasn't too interested in calling their customer service. their usual response to pretty much any problem anyone has, is that you need to use energizer batteries and there's nothing wrong with the camera.
I've been reading about the new strikeforce models, and some seem to be having the leaking issues again, another long-standing browning problem that I have read about here and there over the years. it's probably just the occasional dud i'm sure, and it can happen to anything, even happens with vehicles.
hope yours gets figured out. I rely on my brownings strictly for videos.
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By reaperman
Brownings can be sd card fussy, I realize you have other cams like it. Have you tried changing out the card with another? My strikeforce hd would take photos but not vids with a larger higher speed card. A different card fixed the issue.

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