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I've had a new Recon Force Extreme in the woods for over 2 months trying to figure out why the photos and video are fuzzy and I decided they are slightly out of focus. I feel qualified to reach this conclusion because I'm comparing the output to several other new Recon Force Extreme cameras, as well as several other brands that I own. I've also been an amateur photographer for 20 years. So I called their service dept. and went through that procedure and the tech said to send it to the service department for repair or replacement. So I did and the camera arrived back today with a note that said they " tested it in all modes of operation and found no issues". "Pictures and video were clear". It's bad enough for them to call me a liar, I had to pay $10.40 shipping for them to do it. Needless to say I'm very disappointed.
I got the same reply from Browning after sending them a camera that had an issue with lines across the image. The same camera was returned and has been fine ever since it came back. Maybe it was the card or how it seated in the camera, I'll never know.
Unfortunately, customer service seems to be a thing of the past with almost all manufacturers of everything -- a few may be good, but most just want to sell their product and figure that dissatisfied customers will just quietly go away .
So you have two cameras that are the same model and you can do controlled side by side tests and one has out of focus photos?

Can you post up two photos like that for us to compare here? I am sure their support sees these topics.

Put cameras in same settings of course. do some walk by testing on a bright sunny day then a clear night. poost day and night comparisons.
Unfortunately I think I deleted all the photos from this camera (I normally shoot video only but tried photos to see if they were fuzzy too) as I have no use for out of focus images. I know a good spot, my neighbor has a deer feeder setup on his property, and hang this camera above one that is already there and known to have good images. I hope it's like your camera Woody and recovers magically, but I've tried multiple cards and settings during the two month trouble shooting period in the woods and nothing helped.
And I am sure you have ruled out morning fog on outside of lens and potential moisture/condensation on the inside of the camera lens?

Cameras do ship out of focus. and it can be corrected. I have done it.
Yes, I ruled out all those possibilities during the two months that I knew there was a problem. I realize people can make mistakes, but it's really insulting to basically be told I don't know what a good photo or video looks like, when some of my work has been published. I told these people that I had compared the output of this camera with images from other cameras of mine that are the same make and model but apparently that means nothing to them.

Listen up Browning. There are two things that will kill you in business: dissatisfied help and dissatisfied customers. Prove to your customers that you care.
csb wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:44 pm Never had a problem with Browning in the past. I had two Strike Force cams I had trouble with. Called CS and they replaced both of them. One was even a couple of months out of warranty.
This is what's upsetting. A person tries a different brand of camera based on recommendations and reviews of others, only to be turned down when the product is clearly defective and support is needed. This camera was purchased new in November, just four months ago and the problem of poor image quality started right away. I exhausted all ideas and possibilities I could think of before contacting customer service two weeks ago.

Earlier today I called Browning sales but had to leave a message. I just got an email from them stating : " During the testing process the camera took 215 pictures and 33 videos all of which were good quality and what should be expected from this model camera". Really ? So tell me Browning, How do you explain what I consider satisfactory photos and video from my other Browning cameras which are exactly the same make and model ? They would seem to be better than what you consider normal or acceptable. How do you explain this ?

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