For those of you with smartphones or internet at deercamp, use this forum to take us along with you on your hunting adventures. Post pictures from the stand or deercamp. Add comments and updates as you can. We'd love to follow you along on your hunt! Please note that Chasingame assumes no liability if you get busted by that buck of a lifetime while playing on your phone on stand. :mrgreen:
By 2165 Turbo Rail
Didn't see anything last night but have this morning. I saw an 8 and 6 so far

I let this 8 go this morning

On of my lease guys did not lol
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By johnnydeerhunter
Tell him congrats!!
By 2165 Turbo Rail
Tally so far is the 8 (down) a small 6 a real small 4 (no brow times) and a small doe
I'm waiting for either Barney (the 10 point) or a big doe
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By johnnydeerhunter
He looks sleepy. :mrgreen:

The down side to live hunt forum... Laughing out loud in your stand at funny comments haha

You never know, you might call something in and be the inventor of a new deer call called the snarf......
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By robnj
nice hunt so far . good luck on the rest
By 2165 Turbo Rail
Are y'all MLD or not in an AR county?

what do you mean?? I don't know what MLD stands for.. I assume AR is Antler restriction... we do have to do 13" or wider
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