For those of you with smartphones or internet at deercamp, use this forum to take us along with you on your hunting adventures. Post pictures from the stand or deercamp. Add comments and updates as you can. We'd love to follow you along on your hunt! Please note that Chasingame assumes no liability if you get busted by that buck of a lifetime while playing on your phone on stand. :mrgreen:
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By Roscoe
Thanks Willey!

Unfortunately, the deer also took the morning off. Did not see a single 4 legged critter this morning. Time to get back after it and go see customers.

Rain on the way this week. Lots of food plot seed waiting for a drink. I think next weekend will be good.

Thanks for tagging along yall!
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By Ol Arky
SOunds like ya had a fun weekend, Ross... Also looks like the pole cat took a dirt nap too... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Cody's gonna loose his handle if ya keep up the hog killin'... :wink: :wink:
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By Roscoe

Cody is a full time taxidermists now. Everybody knows taxi's don't get to hunt. :mrgreen:

It mighta been interesting if the gate hadn't been open with the skunk. He came out from under the porch too darn close to me sitting on the steps and went out of the gate. Don't know what their true spray range is, but I think I was in it. :lol:

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