For those of you with smartphones or internet at deercamp, use this forum to take us along with you on your hunting adventures. Post pictures from the stand or deercamp. Add comments and updates as you can. We'd love to follow you along on your hunt! Please note that Chasingame assumes no liability if you get busted by that buck of a lifetime while playing on your phone on stand. :mrgreen:
Things got pretty exciting. Had a nice young 10 come thru. After he left looked up and a big pig was in far corner of field from me. Thought it was coming to feed but it turned back into brush. Fired off at it. 3 more bust out of the brush running across the field. 2 more shots fired...pretty sure they were misses. I go look for the big boat after tomorrow mornings hunt.
Always great to have some action happening, good luck Ross. You hunting Monday morning again?
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