For those of you with smartphones or internet at deercamp, use this forum to take us along with you on your hunting adventures. Post pictures from the stand or deercamp. Add comments and updates as you can. We'd love to follow you along on your hunt! Please note that Chasingame assumes no liability if you get busted by that buck of a lifetime while playing on your phone on stand. :mrgreen:
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By Roscoe
Wind just shifted out of north, gusty. Too late to save this hunt but sure feels nice.

I'm 90 miles from the house, so I guess I outa call it a weekend.

Thanks for following along.

Edit: did finally see a deer tonight. Lone deer on my new strip plot up against the tree line.
By scdeerslayer
Never know what you might see, but you won't see them if you don't go.

An evening where I saw one of the most number of deer I've ever seen in one evening was when the wind was blowing so much I had to get out of my tree stand and sit on the ground, and that was on a big field too.
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By Roscoe
They are doing great Martin. Hope your family is as well. I got some deer sausage. Come on down. We'll light a fire and get up tortillas and frosty beverages and get after it.

And, I have 4wd now, so maybe we wouldn't have to get out and push! :lol:

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